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Absolute Tips to Increase your ROAS through Facebook Ads. ‍

By Admin 23rd Jan, 2020

Over the past ten years, Facebook advertising has evolved from simple banner ads and listings to become a highly complex tool to target distinct demographics. Yet despite being one of the most common marketing tools out there, many marketers still misunderstand and miscalculate ROAS for Facebook ads. So here are some absolute tips to improve your ROAS through Facebook ads.


1.) Position.
How should you position the ad copy for your product/service?

Should you position DOVE as a product for dry skin or as a product that gets you really clean?

To get Facebook ad results it’s less about what you write and more about how you position it.

Your positioning should be decided before the ad is created.

2.) Large Promise.

What should you promise to get someone to convert?

A promise is not a claim, or a theme, or a slogan.

It is a benefit.

It pays to promise a benefit that is unique and competitive.

And the product/service must deliver the benefit you promise.

Most Facebook Advertisers promise nothing. And they are always doomed from the beginning.

3.) Big Idea.

Unless your advertising is built on a BIG IDEA it will pass like a ship in the night.

It takes a big idea to jolt someone out of their feed to make them notice your ad and take action.

Big ideas are usually simple ideas, said Charles Kettering, the great General Motors inventor: “This problem, when solved, will be simple.”

Big simple ideas that provide an easy solution to a common problem are not easy to come by.

It requires genius-and midnight oil. A truly big one can be continued for years…

4.) First-Class.

It pays to have an image of quality…

We’ve been conspicuously successful in doing this-for our clients.

If your advertising looks ugly, everyone will conclude that your product/service is shoddy, and they will be less likely to convert.

5.) Don’t Be Boring.

Nobody was ever bored into buying a product or service. Yet most ads are impersonal, detached, cold and dull.

It pays to involve the user by using unique messaging.

Talk to them like a human being.

6.) Don’t Reinvent The Wheel.

It is a matter of co-innovating not reinventing.

There are plenty of Facebook ads that have widely been successful in so many different niches.

Take what works and improve on it through testing.

It’s less risky and you can still be innovative on growing a high ROAS.

Work smarter, not harder.

7.) Psychological Segmentation.

Any good Facebook advertiser knows how to target demographic segments for a product/service.

But we’ve developed a proven system that allows you to focus your audience targeting on data-driven results.

Tapping into the psychological segments of your audience.

Our Facebook ads are aligned to the tunings of the ever-changing algorithm and scoff at competitor ads and attract the highest quality business owners.

8.) Keep it Simple.

Most Facebook ads and audiences are too complicated.

They reflect a long list of random thoughts and most Facebook advertisers embrace the divergent views of too many people they’ve taken advice from.

By attempting too many things, they will achieve nothing.

It pays to boil down your strategy to one simple process.